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The Best Broadway Shows for Date Night

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Fun and exciting experiences together are the bedrock of any relationship. So, whether it be Valentine's Day or your weekly date night, taking some time out just for the two of you is a must! Therefore, you will need to think up new and thrilling things to do with your partner all the time. If you're struggling to do that, we are here to help!

While most people would consider going for dinner and a movie, why not try something new, and take your loved one to a Broadway show? Watching a Broadway show is an experience like no other. You are in a theater as part of a live audience, watching extremely talented individuals perform their stories. And if you're not a fan of musicals, fret not. Broadway also has plays based on a variety of topics - there really is something for everyone.

Here is our guide to the best Broadway shows for date nights!

Romantic Broadway Shows in New York

First Date

Best Broadway Shows for Date Night

There's nothing like a well-known classic to break the ice. But, if you're up for it, a good old comedy can work just as well. First dates are all about getting to know eachother, so don't worry about what show you pick. Who knows, maybe it will become a show that you will come to love watching together? Broadway has an amazing range, from drama to comedy, from true-story shows to fantasy. So choose whatever suits your fancy and prepare to have a great time on your first date!

Strong and Steady

Best Broadway Shows for Date Night

If you're going strong and steady, and want to watch some of the best Broadway shows for date nights, Broadway is full of options! You can go for a good old romantic show, or reminisce about your childhoods after a Disney show, or even have a laugh over Broadway comedies. If you're still unsure, a nice classic Broadway show is sure to be a hit with anyone. So grab your partner's hand and dive into the world of Broadway this date night!

Double Date

Best Broadway Shows for Date Night

Double dates are massive fun. Spending time with your loved one and hanging out with friends at the same time? Anybody would sign up for that! Spend some quality time with other couples and swap stories about you relationship all you want. Then, why not head out to a Broadway show? Classics are always in fashion and comedies will keep you giggling all night long. Broadway double dates are the ideal weekend getaway!


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Even if you see eachother every day, doesn't mean that all those romantic date nights are over! Make sure that your partner has something to look forward to, even in the humdrum of daily life. Surprise them with tickets to the best Broadway shows for date nights. Choose from a wide variety of Broadway shows and keep coming back for more. There is something for everyones, so you're sure to find something that'll suit your and your partner's taste.


Best Broadway Shows for Date Night

Even though every day is a day of love when you're with your partner, some days are just extra special. So, for all your small and big anniversaries — first date, first trip together, first proposal, or anything else that you might want to celebrate — choose a Broadway show and make it a day to remember. Dinners and movies are amazing, but the electrifying atmosphere at a live theatre show can take your breath away. Make it a special memory while you commemorate your special day!

Best Romantic Broadway Shows

To discover other shows on Broadway, check out our guide on the Best Broadway shows in New York. There are tons of other Broadway and Off Broadway shows as well that you can consider! The choice is all yours!

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What are you waiting for? Get your tickets to the best Broadway shows for date nights now and take your special someone out for a lovely evening.