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Hong Kong Disneyland welcomes all visitors COVID-19 lockdown

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Hong Kong Disneyland Reopening Date - 18th June 2020

Starting 18th June 2020, Hong Kong Disneyland has reopened its service. At the same time effective guidelines have been put in place by the staff, to safeguard visitors from a potential virus outbreak.

Safety Measures in Place at Hong Kong Disneyland

To ensure maximum safety and hygiene within the venue, all visitors are required to wear face masks throughout their visit. It is also necessary to maintain a social distance of 1-2 meters between other guests. Temperature screenings are conducted at all entry points for all guests and cast members before entering the premises. Anyone with a temperature at 37.5°C or above may not enter.

Floor markings need to be followed to avoid overcrowding at every experience. Character experiences requiring close interaction and close-up photos will be temporarily suspended.

Capacity will be controlled in queues, restaurants, merchandise stores and attractions. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at various locations within Disneyland for visitors to avail.

Hong Kong Disneyland reopening Post Coronavirus

Booking Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets Online

Tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland are available here.
Magic Access members may make a reservation beginning 8 days prior to their visit. General guests may make a reservation beginning 7 days prior to their visit.

Tickets should be bought in advance. It is mandatory for all guests to place reservations and make health declarations online before visiting the venue. Contactless payment is preferred within the venue.

For more information about visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, refer to their official website here.