TKTS NYC Broadway booths

TKTS Broadway Discount Tickets

What are TKTS NYC booths?

TKTS NYC Discount Booths offer a variety of Broadway and Off Broadway tickets at 20% to 50% off regular prices. There are four TKTS booths in New York City, all of which are owned and operated by the Theatre Development Fund. While TKTS is the only vendor that offers half-off tickets, the availability is first come, first served. In addition, tickets can only be purchased in person and on the same day as the performance. This leaves little room for planning and usually means the show choice is made based upon which discount tickets are available. For those who prefer to secure tickets to the show of your choice, there are other discount options that don’t require you to book in person and also allow for advance reservations.

How do TKTS NYC booths get their inventory?

Ticket inventory and availability changes quickly throughout the day. Over the course of the day, theatres will continue to send tickets to the TKTS Shows booths, depending upon how a particular show is selling.

Generally, the discount tickets that are available at the booths are for shows that are not likely to sell out. So don’t expect to find tickets to the most popular shows here. That being said, there are several other options to find discounted tickets to the top shows. Some people prefer this method, as you’re able to purchase discount tickets online, as well as in advance. (Remember: you can only purchase same-day tickets at TKTS NYC booths.)

The table below is a detailed list of Broadway and Off Broadway shows currently playing. For each show, the frequency of TKTS availability is indicated. This chart can be used as a tool to gauge the probability of finding tickets to a particular show at TKTS booths in NYC. In addition generally TKTS only has good inventory of Orchestra tickets for the shows listed below, while other categories of seats might be completely absent.

Prices & Discount Availability on TKTS Booths

The first TKTS booth has been around for over 40 years. In the past, it was common to find half off tickets for most shows. However, nowadays, availability runs out quickly and the half off shows are harder to come across. With that being said, all tickets sold at the TKTS booths will have some sort of a discount. Everyday, each show will decide how many tickets they want to send to TKTS, as well what they’d like the discount to be (50%, 40%, 30%, or 20%). Since different shows have different ticket prices, it’s hard to say what the average show will cost at a TKTS booth. However, a Broadway ticket discounted at 50% doesn't mean that you will get 50% off on all categories. As stated earlier, TKTS generally has good inventory of Orchestra tickets while Mezzanine sections have poor availability.

There are other vendors like Headout that allow you to purchase tickets at similar discount rates, but via an online method. In addition to same-day performances, you can also purchase tickets for shows at a later date. With Headout, you can get inventory for all sections at prices that are cheaper than those available on official websites sold via Ticketmaster and Telecharge. There are no hidden charges and markups. We also have a system whereby you don't need to worry about getting the tickets printed or paying mail charges to Ticketmaster/Telecharge as our volunteers give away physical tickets on the day of the experience directly at the theatre. To make things more interesting, get $6 off your first purchase valid for non-cashback based shows, using the coupon code 'TKTSHO'. Browse our entire collection of Broadway shows now.

What Kind of Seats to Expect?

Do keep in mind that once you’ve reached a TKTS booth agent, you will not be allowed to select your seats. The staff have a stack of tickets and will just work their way from the top of pile. Most often, TKTS booth tickets are for the orchestra and in some cases front mezzanine. (Remember: you can only purchase same-day tickets at TKTS booths.)

TKTS NYC Locations

  • Times Square
  • South street seaport
  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Lincoln Center

The TKTS Times Square ticket booth is located underneath the red steps in Father Duffy Square. The booth can be found between Broadway and Seventh Avenue at 47th Street.

This booth sits in one of NYC’s most crowded areas, and thus, sees the most traffic. The line gets especially busy about an hour before opening. Expect a long line and wait time.

TKTS Times Square more​ details >


Payment Methods Accepted

All TKTS booths accept cash, as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Some Off Broadway shows require cash only.


Additional Fees

All tickets are subject to a $4.50 service charge per ticket. Additional non-TDF service charges may also apply to some tickets.

ticket limit

Ticket Purchase Limit

There is a limit of 6 tickets per person.


Q. How many tickets am I allowed to purchase?
A. There is a limit of 6 tickets per person.

Q. Can I purchase tickets using the TKTS app, instead of waiting in line at the TKTS booths?
A. Unfortunately, no. The only way to purchase tickets in person at one of the four booth locations.

Q. Are the ‘best’ tickets available when TKTS booths first open?
A. No. Although the bulk of tickets are available in the morning, shows also release tickets to TKTS later in the day, sometimes even right before curtain time.

Q. Can I use other discount codes or coupons if I’m purchasing a ticket at the Full-Price Window at the Times Square TKTS booth?
A. No. You may only purchase same-day, full-price tickets. You will need to go to the theatre box offices to use any special discounts, or you can select from various other discount ticket options that often accept coupon codes.

Q. Are premium tickets sold at TKTS? [Premium tickets are a reserved for a particular theatre’s best seats, and are thus, priced higher than the rest of a show’s tickets.]
A. If premium tickets have not sold 48 hours before the performance, computer software knocks most of them down to the regular top ticket price. Depending on the show and demand for tickets, any leftover seats are sent to TKTS anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours before the performance. If you are willing to take the risk, you can try your luck at TKTS 30-60 minutes before the booth closes.

TKTS NYC Booth Tips

1. Each booth regularly updates their display board with show names next the corresponding discount off full-price - use your time in line to decide what show you want to see by viewing the signs by the booths.

2. If you’re only interested in seeing a play, use window #12 at the Times Square TKTS booth. Only plays are sold at this window, making the line much shorter.

3. Be sure to thoroughly examine your tickets and change prior to leaving the ticket window. There are no refunds or exchanges at the four TKTS booths.