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Singapore is an incredible city, with lots to offer - there is always something for everyone. One of the most attractive tourist destinations, loved by children and adults, is the Singapore Zoo. Locally known as the Mandai Zoo, the massive nature enclosure that is the Singapore Zoo, spreads over an area of 28 hectares. The zoo that sits within Singapore’s densely forested central catchment area was opened to the public on 27th June, 1973. The sprawling landscaped open spaces characterise the space and provide a naturalistic home for all the animals inside. With over 315 animal species, 16% of which are categorised as threatened, the zoo is divided into six zones that are replicas of different habitats from across the world.

Singapore Zoo in a Nutshell

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The immersive experience you will have at the zoo will get you up close and personal with rare and elusive animals from across the world. You will witness some endangered reptilian species in the Reptile Garden, as many as 39 species of primates in the Primate Kingdom, endangered species of tortoises in another part, Californian sea lion gliding in the water during the Splash Safari Show, and much more. The many shows in the zoo are geared towards emphasising the importance of nature and wildlife, and will motivate you to contribute towards preserving it. You can sit in on the various shows, have breakfast with orangutans, feed animals, and play with them at the zoo. All in all, a visit to the Singapore Zoo will leave visitors of all age groups with wide smiles.

How to avoid the crowd at Singapore Zoo

Given that Singapore Zoo is one of Asia's best zoos, it is inevitable that everyone that visits Singapore wants to visit it. It is one of Singapore's most popular hotspots, both for tourists and locals, making it fairly crowded. However, there are some ways to avoid this crowd:

singapore zoo
  1. Book tickets online: The Singapore Zoo attracts more than 1.7 million visitors every year, and on any given day, you may find long ticketing queues outside the enclosure. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by booking your tickets online in advance. If you book a skip the like ticket, you will get to bypass the ticket purchasing queue and head inside directly.
  2. Choose the right time: If you want to avoid huge crowds, plan a visit to the Singapore Zoo on a weekday, as weekends see higher footfall. It may also be a good idea to visit the park in the morning hours, as there are fewer people and the weather is more pleasant.

Singapore Zoo Ticket Prices

Given that the Singapore Zoo is on the top of every tourist's list when visiting Singapore, the attraction is incredibly popular. If you're looking to save time while visiting, or combining multiple attractions like River Safari Singapore, Night Safari, or Jurong Bird Park, here are a variety of tickets you can choose from:

Singapore Zoo Tickets with Tram Ride

• This skip the line entry ticket includes a guided tram ride with a running commentary about the various parts of Singapore Zoo.
• Witness the wildlife in its raw form and witness the many animals in their natural habitats- pandas, elephants, lions, among others by exploring the six zones.

Starting from

You can also explore Singapore Zoo when you buy an iVenture Singapore Flexi Pass or Singapore City Pass. Through the passes, you save extra money and can cover multiple attractions within the city, such as:

iVenture Singapore Flexi Pass

Singapore City Pass

Singapore Zoo Ticket Combos

Super Saver Combo: Singapore Zoo + River Safari

river safari singapore zoo
  • This combo ticket will give you priority access to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari- two of Singapore’s most visited sites.
  • This combo ticket is valid for 90 days.

Ticket includes:

  • At the Singapore Zoo, you can enjoy a guided tram ride with these tickets and learn all about the natural habitats of animals like pandas, elephants, tigers, and lions, among others.
  • Once you enter River Safari, these tickets will give you access to the Amazon River Quest, and the River Safari on a boat.

Booking these attractions separately would cost you about S$67:

Singapore Zoo:
River Safari:

However, with Headout, you can book this combo for

Super Saver Combo: Singapore Zoo + Night Safari

night safari tickets combo
  • Here's your chance to visit some of Singapore’s premium wildlife experiences: Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

Ticket includes:

  • A guided tram ride at Singapore Zoo, taking you through six different zones.
  • Also included is a Safari Tram Ride at Night Safari Singapore, which takes you across the attraction.
  • The combo ticket is valid for 90 days from the scheduled date of visit.

Booking these attractions separately would cost you about S$82:

Night Safari Singapore:
Singapore Zoo:

However, with Headout, you can book this combo for

Super Saver Combo: Jurong Bird Park + Singapore Zoo

jurong bird park and singapore zoo
  • This discounted super saver combo gives you all day access to the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park.
  • This combo ticket is valid for 90 days.

Ticket includes:

  • At Singapore Zoo, the ticket includes a tram ride that is equipped with a detailed running commentary about the different zones in the park, that is home to thousands of species.
  • In Jurong Bird Park, this ticket gives you access to the hop-on-hop-off tram. You can stop over at the Lory Loft and hand-feed the magnificent birds in this enclosure.

Booking these attractions separately would cost you about S$65:

Singapore Zoo:
Jurong Bird Park:

However, with Headout, you can book this combo for

Super Saver Combo: Singapore Zoo + River Safari + Night Safari

singapore zoo combo tickets
  • Explore the best of Singapore's wildlife experiences: Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Night Safari.
  • The combo ticket is valid for 90 days.

Ticket includes:

  • Discover Night Safari Singapore with a 40-minute tram ride.
  • Visit River Safari and look out for 5000 species in the park. Also enjoy two boat rides as you explore the venue: River Safari and Amazon River Quest.
  • Discover a variety of wildlife with a guided tram ride at Singapore Zoo.

Booking these attractions separately would cost you about S$114:

Night Safari Singapore:
Singapore Zoo:
River Safari:

However, with Headout, you can book this combo for

Park Hopper Plus: Singapore Zoo + River Safari + Night Safari + Jurong Bird Park

singapore zoo combo tickets
  • This pass comes with a validity of 90 days and gives you priority access to all the four wildlife hotspots of Singapore- Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari, and Night Safari.
  • The combo ticket guarantees direct entry into the attractions by collecting tickets from the counters.

Ticket includes:

  • You will have access (with re-entries) to all the zones in the Singapore Zoo. The ticket also includes access to a guided tram ride.
  • Explore all about Amazon with River Safari and Amazon River Quest. Also meet the two giant pandas- Kai Kai and Jia Jia at the River Safari.
  • At the Jurong Bird Park, this pass gives you access to the hop-on-hop-off tram. You can walk around the park all day and witness different species of birds like pelicans, emus, and parrots.
  • Night Safari promises to be a unique experience and this pass includes a 40-minute immersive tram ride. After the tram ride, you can witness the Creatures of the Night Show and learn about the many nocturnal beings.

Booking these attractions separately would cost you about S$144:

Night Safari Singapore:
Singapore Zoo:
River Safari:
Jurong Bird Park:

However, with Headout, you can book this combo for

Rainforest Lumina

Singapore Zoo is also home to the city’s newest attraction, Rainforest Lumina. Opened to celebrate Singapore Zoo’s 45th anniversary, the attraction is opened to the public after dark. Follow the Creature Crew on the Rainforest Lumina Trail and check out the numerous audio-visual and interactive installations. The attraction has 4 major sections, which house 11 zones in total.

Rainforest Lumina Tickets

• Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of visit marked on ticket.
• Explore 11 attractions in 4 zones, including bright passages, serene ponds, and waterfalls.

Starting from

Combo: Rainforest Lumina + Singapore Zoo

• Access to Rainforest Lumina.
• Access to Singapore Zoo, where you can also take a tram ride with commentary.

Starting from

How to Get Singapore Zoo Discount Tickets

When booking with us, you can be sure to get discounted Singapore Zoo tickets. Here's how:

Singapore Zoo Map

singapore zoo map

A Typical Singapore Zoo Experience

The Singapore Zoo has many experiences that, when combined together, make for a great visit. Here’s what you should do to make the best of your time at the Singapore Zoo:

1. Tram Ride

singapore zoo

One of the best and fun ways to explore the Singapore Zoo is on a tram. The tram traverses through all the zones in the zoo and offers a unique opportunity of learning about the many animals in the zoo through the running commentary. Some of the trams are also wheelchair accessible. This option is often preferred by travellers as it is way more comfortable than walking the distance and you don’t miss out on any part of the zoo.

2. Zones

singapore zoo

Fragile Forest

The Fragile Forest is a 20,000-cubic metre biodome that is a replica of a tropical rainforest. This enclosure is home to various feathery, and spineless animals that sit camouflaged in the greens. You can spot amphibians and invertebrates like the four-lined tree frog, rhinoceros beetles, whistling ducks in the freshwater pond, chattering parrots, and crowned pigeons. Among the other exotic animals that inhabit the biodome are- fruit loving Malayan flying foxes, lemurs, white-faced Saki monkeys, two-toed sloth, Toco toucan, Prevost’s squirrel, and golden lion Tamarins. An immersive experience at the biodome will have you preparing food for the bats and busting myths about the creepy crawlies- a fun exercise indeed!

singapore zoo

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

The Great Rift valley is a depiction of what emerged when the earth’s tectonic plates under Ethiopia split diagonally creating a continental crack. In addition to having waga-wooden statues that are unique to the Konso community of Ethiopian highlands, this exhibit has on display mud-walled Konso huts, and stone walled huts that are home to the Amhara in Ethiopia. There is a also a coffee ceremony hut that marks the importance of the bean in Ethiopian economy and provides a glimpse into the rituals that surround this aromatic beverage. Ethiopia is known for its rich biodiversity and the Great Rift Valley exhibit showcases some of it at the Singapore Zoo. Some of the animals you will sight here are- Hamadryas Baboons, Nubian Ibexes, Banded Mongoose, Black-backed Jackals, and Rock Hyraxes.

singapore zoo

Treetops Trail

Rainforests have micro ecosystems within themselves that thrive at many levels- closer to the ground, on the tree tops, and everything in between. The Treetops Trail is an attempt at replicating this multi-layered ecosystem and is home to animals like tiny wild squirrels to fluffy cotton-top tamarins. You can hear the loud calls of Anna and Simbu, a mother-son pair of Siamangs. Some other animals you may spot at Treetops Trail include the brown lemur, ring-tailed lemur, false gavial, and great mouse deer.

singapore zoo


Discover the mysterious world of reptiles at RepTopia that has more than 60 species of reptiles and amphibians- one third of which are extremely rare. RepTopia is further divided into four zones and offers a holistic experience with the help of multi-species displays, keeper domes, interactive stations, and play elements. The many reptiles under the roof of Reptopia belong to regions of the world like Indo-Pacific, African Jungle, Neotropical Rainforests, and Deserts. Some of the many creatures you may spot here include- Amazon milk frog, Bearded dragon, Dyeing dart frog, Emperor scorpion, frilled lizard, gaboon viper, leaf-tailed gecko, king cobra, panther chameleon, plumed basilisk, regal horned lizard, reticulated python, veiled chameleon, western diamondback rattlesnake, and Yangtze alligator.

singapore zoo


An exhibit dedicated to the marsupials from Australia and Papua New Guinea, Australasia houses grey kangaroos and agile wallabies from Australia and tree kangaroos from Papua New Guinea. There is a tree kangaroo family that you might spot hopping on the trees- Daddy Ziggy, Mummy Blue, and baby girl Nais. The indoor part of Australasia houses the miracle kangaroo Makaia and Nupela, his mate. One unbelievable experience here is a chance encounter with the Cassowary which looks like a mix between an ostrich or a turkey and velociraptor. It has a thick coat of black fur that sits in stark contrast with the colourful hues on its neck and face that conclude with a 10 cm-long claw. You will also find Pygmy hippo and red river hog in this region of the zoo.

singapore zoo

Frozen Tundra

The Frozen Tundra is a smaller version of life in the Arctic region, and is spread over an area as big as two and half football fields. The Inuka here loves to play peek-a-boo with the guests and can be found swimming or lounging in the cave or playing under the its private waterfall. Pom and Poko, the raccoon dogs, a breed known as tanukis in Japan are found in East Asia. This is the only dog breed that hibernate in the winters and Pom and Poko here come from Japan’s Asahiyama Zoo. The third type of the cold-world animal you find at the Frozen Tundra are wolverines who are the largest terrestrial weasels. The brother and sister pair, Boris and Ivana, come from Russia’s Novosibirsk Zoo.

3. Shows

singapore zoo shows

Splash Safari

The hero of Splash Safari is the playful sea lion from California that performs for the wide-eyed audience. You can be a part of some splashing fun and play along as the sea lion glides on water and performs cute stunts with a ball- from balancing the ball on its nose to sliding it over its body before disappearing under water. Get inspired to save the ocean as you laugh along and take with you some tickling memories. You can catch the sea lion playing at 10:30 AM in the morning or at 5 PM in the evening.

Animal Friends Show

The Animal Friends Show is an attempt at inspiring the audience to love and live in mutual harmony with the nature and the many animals. Performed by animals that were once abandoned pets, the Animal Friends Show promises a humorous ride as you watch the escapades of cats and mouse, learn about the acute sense of smell in dogs. As you snap a photo with your favourite domesticated animals, don’t forget to pat and play with them a little. The morning show starts at 11 am and the evening show is at 4 PM every day.

singapore zoo shows

Elephants at Work and Play show

The elephants here hail from the Burmese rainforest and this show is a unique experience that will beckon you into the world of these gentle giants and their mahouts. You can watch the elephants at work as they carry out tasks with intelligence and strength. Once they start playing, there is nothing that can stop you from smiling! Watch the elephants play dead, steal food, or play a round of water spray with their trunks. If you happen to sit in the first few rows, you may have to take cover. You can catch the morning show at 11:30 AM or the afternoon show at 3:30 PM.

Rainforest fights back show

This show gives a rare glimpse into the lives of animals that call rainforests their home. In the recent decades, human activities have been adversely affecting the lives of these animals and the rainforest fights back show is an attempt at making the audiences aware about the impact we are having on the nature. The entertaining program is characterised by agile beings jumping and diving in front of you. You may also get to touch a snake and get a photo with it! Catch the show at 12:30 PM or 2:30 PM.

4. Dining at Singapore Zoo

Wild Dining

Have breakfast with orangutans and take back a slew of photographs as memory of this award-winning experience. With a capacity to seat 20 people, you can eat with the jolly four-legged animal between 9-10:30 AM.

Food at the Zoo Entrance

  • KFC: right at the Zoo’s entrance is KFC where you can enjoy some spicy and crispy chicken preparations between 10 AM and 6:30 PM on weekdays and 8:30 AM to 7 PM on weekends and public holidays.
  • Inuka Café: Known for its signature dish of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and chendol, you can visit the Inuka Café anytime between 8 AM to 7 PM.
  • Ah Meng Kitchen: if you are in the mood to taste something authentically Singaporean, head to Ah Meng Kitchen where you can taste dishes like nasi lemak, fried bee hoon, and laksa. The kitchen is open between 9 AM -7 PM on weekdays and from 8:30 AM - 7 PM on weekends and public holidays.
  • Ben & Jerry’s: A favourite among ice cream lovers, the ice cream parlour is open every day between 8 AM - 7 PM.
  • Chawang Bistro: If you have a different meal preference, try out the delicious hot dogs, pastas, cakes, and tarts at Chawang Bistro. It is open daily between 8 AM - 7 PM.
  • The Wild Deli: You can enjoy gourmet sandwiches and pizzas with a cup of coffee at the Wild Deli. It’s open daily between 8 AM - 7 PM.

Dining in the Zoo

  • Ah Meng Restaurant: You can get a full-fledged meal at the Ah Meng Restaurant that serves local and western delicacies like chicken rice, fish and chips, and biryani. The restaurant is open daily from 10 AM - 4 PM.
  • Ah Meng Bistro: Open every day from 10 AM - 5 PM, the Ah Meng Bistro is known for its selection of health speciality tea and gourmet sandwiches, pastries, and desserts.
  • KFC (Rainforest Kidzworld): If you missed having your dose of chicken at the entrance of the zoo, there is another KFC inside the zoo which is open on weekdays between 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM, and on weekends between 9:30 AM and 6 PM.

Singapore Zoo - Rules and Regulations

  • You cannot bring anything flammable or dangerous inside the park as it may be harmful for the animals.
  • The zoo is a smoke-free zone.
  • Make sure that you dispose all the garbage in the designated bins.
  • You cannot remove anything from the zoo or release any of the animals or birds inside.
  • Flash photography is not allowed in the zoo.
  • You cannot take photographs or videos for commercial purposes.
  • Do not make an attempt to make contact with the animals by feeding them, touching or teasing them, or any other act that may cause disturbance.
  • You can’t carry balloons inside the zoo as they may burst and cause discomfort to the animals.
  • You are not allowed to bring or ride roller blades or skates, skateboards, skate scooters, or bicycles inside the zoo.

Singapore Zoo Reviews

One of the must place to visit if you plan to come Singapore. Especially for children. Animals are well kept and animal shows are brilliant.

caroltay2018, TripAdvisor, July 2018

Probably the one of the best zoos in Asia - I enjoyed myself immensely just being in and around so many animals.

Jonan S, TripAdvisor, July 2018

Singapore Zoo - Insider Tips

  • You can participate in feed the animal sessions, but cannot give food to animals otherwise.
  • There are picnic areas inside the park where you can sit and enjoy- Pavilion by the Lake, Garden with a view, and Picnic area. You can take your food from outside.
  • In case you need any assistance when inside the park, you can reach out to any of the uniformed staff or call on +6581263720.
  • Make use of the tram service as it is a convenient way of exploring the zoo and it will also give you all the information of the many species of animals and zones inside the zoo.
  • Keep at least half a day, if not one full day, to explore Singapore Zoo.
  • A sunny day is great to visit the zoo but don’t forget to lather yourself with some sunscreen lotion and cover your eyes with sunglasses and head with a hat!
  • It might also be a good idea to apply some insect repellent.
  • Carry or rent an umbrella as it may rain.
  • You will be walking quite a bit so wear comfortable shoes and carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated throughout your visit.

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