Your Essential Guide to Planning a Trip to New York

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Best of New York

Experience the best of New York City without burning a hole in your pocket! Browse hundreds of activities and seamlessly book within seconds on this New York Travel Guide. Get insider tips on how to get around the city, find out what to pack and explore recommended itineraries. Simply click the map below and see all that there's to do in New York, map style.

NYC Boroughs

The Bronx

Home of the New York Yankees, the birthplace of hip-hop and host to dozens of cultural marvels, the Bronx is often, mistakenly, overlooked. Head to City Island for a bite to eat at one of the gorgeous waterfront restaurants, roam around the ‘real Little Italy’, visit the famous Bronx Zoo and much more.


The heart and soul of NYC, Manhattan is a thriving epicenter for business, art, fashion and entertainment. Visit iconic sites such as the Empire State Building and Central Park. Catch a Broadway show at the city’s prolific theater district, and experience the energy of Time Square.


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Queens is considered to be the most diverse place on the planet. Eat food from around the world, hang out at one of NYC’s best parks and explore incredibly unique art exhibits and museums.


From flea markets to microbreweries, live music spots to trendy eateries, Brooklyn rivals Manhattan as the city’s hot spot. Bike ride across Brooklyn Bridge, relax at Prospect Park, or hop over to Coney Island - there’s plenty to do and see in this favorite NYC borough.

Staten Island

Hop aboard the Staten Island Ferry and take in up-close views of the Statue of Liberty before. Or opt for a more luxurious cruise and sip champagne while you take in the sweeping skyline and iconic sites from an incredible vantage point.

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