How To Get Last Minute Broadway Tickets?

Looking for sure shot ways to get last minute broadway tickets at a discount? We have 8 ideas out of which one should definitely work for you! Check them out and let us know which of our last minute broadway ticket hacks worked for you.


Try the TKTS

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

The very first TKTS Booth on Broadway has been around for over 40 years, selling same-day discounted tickets with discounts ranging from 20-50 % for Broadway and Off Broadway shows and musicals. Today, there are 3 more TKTS Booths across NYC - Downtown Brooklyn (near the Brooklyn Bridge), Lower Manhattan (next to South Street Seaport) and Lincoln Center (in the David Rubenstein Atrium); all 3 opening and closing earlier than the main booth. These 3 satellite booths also have shorter lines and offer matinee tickets for the next day's show! The TKTS Booth on Broadway opens at 3 :00 PM daily and though the lines can seem painfully long, they move quickly.

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via TKTS:

  • Though the TKTS Booths open by 3:00 PM, certain theatres on Broadway wait until 6:00 PM to release TKTS seats. Keep an eye out for these theatres and pop by a little late to get the best seats.
  • Look out for Window #12 for TKTS Broadway Plays ( not Musicals). You will find Window #12 to the west side of the TKTS Booth Broadway.
  • If the climate is not conducive to brave the weather and stand in queues, go for the newest indoor TKTS Booth at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium.
  • Download the TKTS App and keep it handy or check out their website for the latest information.


Theatre Apps Have Great Deals

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

Technology has caught up with Broadway and now tickets can be brought through a few touches on your smart phone. Check out the various apps that sell broadway tickets like Headout, Telecharge or even the TKTS app. These apps are convinient, easy to use and you have the added privilege of being able to select your seats. Headout also has same-day seats to some of the hottest Broadway shows, so if your Broadway plans are last minute, make sure to check out these apps that can be total last minute saviours.

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via Theatre Apps:

  • Megahit Broadway shows like Hamilton has its own app, so try your luck on the lottery tickets for that or you can simply purchase the tickets via the app at the booth rate.
  • If you're buying via apps or third parties, know that you will need to collect your physical tickets from the conceirge service arranged. Make sure you plan your arrival according to that.

broadway discount tickets


Rush the Theatre

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

Rush tickets allow patrons to purchase discounted tickets from the theatre box office. The very first Rush Tickets were sold for The Rent on Broadway and ever since, many theatres have started offering Rush Tickets for popular shows on the same day. The average price for Rush Tickets is around $40, however getting them involves devouting time and effort in queues. Moreover, some rush tickets require you to be a student or below a certain age. You can check for shows offering Rush Tickets here .

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via Rush:

  • Different theatres have different Rush Policies which are specified on the website. Make sure to look at them carefully before opting for this option.
  • Some theatres open Rush tickets in the morning or just before the show. Check the timings before setting out lest you waste time.
  • There are 2 types of Rush Tickets - General Rush: A person of any age can purchase these tickets, no restrictions and Student Rush: This type of rush ticket requires a valid student ID.


Lottery Luck

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

Like a typical lottery, one can enter their name in a raffle organized by the theatre or register for a digital lottery online. A few hours before the curtain time, an in-person lottery takes place outside the theatre with names drawn at random and those who win are awarded lottery tickets ( mostly Orchestra section tickets) at a nominal price. The Hamilton Lottery is very famous with 46 seats being given out daily for $10 a seat! To know which all productions and theatres offer cheap lottery tickets, check out the Playbill website.

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via Lottery:

  • Most Broadway shows conduct digital lotteries either on their own or through the TodayTix app. Check these 2 sources for reliable Lottery Tickets
  • There are many conditions to lottery tickets, like a limit of 2 person, valid photo id requirement, payment within 60 minutes of winning, credit card payment etc. Make sure you check these out before enrolling. All these have been detailed out on our Guide to Getting Broadway Lottery Tickets.


SRO aka Standing Room Tickets

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

Some theatres allow for patrons to stand at the back on the mezzanine level or main level. These tickets are aptly called Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets. They work out very cheap and the number of these tickets vary performance to performance. You can also never be sure about grabbing these are there are very few in number, but if you're amongst the first 10, chances are higher. These tickets average around $25–$40 and are sold at the box office. Some tickets also run an online SRO system, like the Dear Evan Hansen musical.

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via SRO:

  • To find out if a show has SRO available, check at the box office or if it's listed on a Playbill.
  • These tickets are not the comfiest choice, so make sure you're wearing shoes that allow you to stand for an hour at a go at the least.


Checked Ticketing Websites yet?

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

By now if you haven't checked websites like Headout and Telecharge, it's high time you did! Check closer to the date of performance and you will see that some of the best seats in the house are up for grabs. The best part about booking via websites is that you get to choose your seats and most websites even have recommendation on which seats are the best, which has maximum legroom etc. If you're a Broadway first timer, you might want these tips before booking your tickets.

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via Websites:

  • The House Seats ( seats kept aside for friends of production) go back on sale about 96-24 hours prior to the curtain time. Check websites like Headout close to the date for grabbing these prime seats.
  • Premium seats ( best seats in the house) are those seats that are reserved for sale at a higher price. However, they go back into the normal sale pool 24 hours before if not sold, so check the websites closer to the date for these premium tickets.


Conceirge it

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

Something like the TKTS booths, Concierge and Ticket Centers are a physical site offering discount Broadway tickets. These Concierge and Ticket Centers are located bang in the heart of Times Square ( 7th Avenue between 46th and 47th streets), so finding it shouldn't be a problem. These Concierge centers boast of personal advice from customer service representatives who collectively speak 6 languages, and offer additional services like maps and restaurant recommendations. If you'd rather chat with these representatives, you can find a chatbot on their CTC official website and clear your queries.

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via Concierge:

  • A lot of tourists use these conceirge service, so be prepared to face massive crowds.
  • The CTC official website also has daily deals and special deals for members. Make sure to check them out.


Last bet at Cancellation Line

Last Minute Broadway Tickets

The should ideally be your last resort, but if you're pining for that golden ticket and willing to shell out very little for it, then cancellations lines are a good bet. Not all seats end up being claimed, so if you line up outside the theatre for 2 hours prior to the show and luck is in your favour, then you can walk away with those tickets at face value. There's obviously no guarantee about you walking into that show, but if the weather if you're in the first half of the line, chances are higher as they are sold first come, first served basis.

Pro Tips to get the best last minute broadway tickets via Cancellation Lines:

  • On a day with bad weather, chances of cancellation is higher. Pray for bad weather if cancellation lines are your preferred POA!
  • Cancellation Lines are at the box office. You may see vendor lurking around trying to sell tickets. These are illegal and obviously not refundable.

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