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Milan, Italy’s fashion capital is teeming with options to do, see and eat ; pulling in millions of tourists from around the world year round. Once you've climbed the roof of Milan's Duomo, elbowed your way through to get a peek of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper and tasted atleast 5 flavours of gelato from the umpteen street vendors around Milan, you can hop out of the city to experience a little more of the Italian country and culture. Milan is so beautifully located that you can visit the Swiss Alps or go to Venice from the city in just a day and be back by night! We have perfectly curated Day trips from Milan that you can just plug and play, so choose your pick and waltz out of the city for a day.

What to Consider When Booking a Day Trip

Money, Money, Money

Day trips can become quite expensive if not budgeted right. Always opt for the most efficient yet economical mode of transport because that is what consumes maximum money in most cases. One way to stay in budget is by booking Guided Tours that have transport, touring and meals included. That way you spend an x definite amount, nothing more, nothing less.

Weather Check

While the months of spring and autumn are undoubtedly the the best months to visit Milan, the rest of the world thinks so too, hence be prepared to brave through tourist hordes during these months. However, all the attractions are guaranteed open , but pre-booking tickets is highly recommended. Make sure to check the weather forecast before booking tickets for your day trip , lest you get caught in a rainy spell!

Planning is key

When you have just 24 hours at your disposal, planning to the T is the only way to make the most of your trip. Figure out all that you'd like to see in advance, check the routes and opening hours so that you can squeeze all that you want in your itinerary. If you're not into planning, leave the hassle to experts and book yourself a guided tour that has your day charted out with all the prime attractions covered.

Every minute counts

While planning day trips, always take into account the travel time and keep an hour buffer too. Never pack your day with so much to do that you forget to enjoy the day. At the same time, make sure to use your time judiciously and steer clear of far off places that involve a lot of travel. Our list of 5 day trips from Milan are perfectly timed with no more than 3 hours of travel which allows you a good amount of time to explore the place and get back to Milan at an earthly hour.

Best Day Trips from Milan

milan to lake como day trip

Sprawling foliage surrounded by the Rhaetian Alps, Lake Como is simply mesermising, hence urging a million to take a day trip from the chaos of Milan to Lake Como. Moreover, traveling from Milan to Como is a scenic ride, allowing you to consume the bucolic charm of Italy. Take a walk alongside Lake Como and discover charming villages on the fringes, all of which seems right out of a fairytale.

Distance : 84.3 km | Travel Duration : 1 hour 45 minutes | Average Day Trip Cost : €90

Top Things To Do In Lake Como

Milan to Lake Como Day Trip Tickets

• Half Day Trip to Lake Como from Milan by Train

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• Lake Como & Bellagio Guided Trip with Coach Transfers

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•Lake Como, Bellagio and Lugano Day Trip from Milan

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Milan to Cinque Terre day trip

A day trip from Milan to Cinque Terre allows you to explore the rich Italian countryside, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding hillsides, all in one single day. Sound's heavenly right? This city of 5 villages will keep you entertained for long and compel you to stay there forever. Take this quick day trip from the hustle of Milan to Cinque Terre and spend a day closer to nature.

Distance : 246 km | Travel Duration : 3 hours 35 minutes | Average Day Trip Cost : €120

Top Things To Do In Cinque Terre

Milan to Cinque Terre Day Trip Tickets

• Cinque Terre Day Trip from Milan

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milan to bergamo day trip

Located in the foothills of Alps to the northeast of Milan, Bergamo is a city brimming with medieval Renaissance and baroque architecture making it a visual treat. The artistic town of Bergamo has lots to do and even more to see, making for an ideal day trip fom Milan. Bergamo flaunts a rare natural beauty, a blend of ancient Roman charm with a modern facade.

Distance : 52 km | Travel Duration : 1 hour | Average Day Trip Cost : €50

Top Things To Do In Bergamo

Milan to Bergamo Day Trip Tickets

• Bergamo Half Day Trip from Milan

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Switzerland ( Swiss Alps )

Day Trip Guide : Milan to Switzerland

milan to switzerland day trip

Taking a day trip from Milan to Switzerland is no longer a far fetched idea! The Bernina Express winding up the scenic routes of Milan to the Swiss Alps allows you to relish a scenic trip to St. Moritz Switzerland and spend a whole day in the lush town. Sit by a cafe, enjoy the snow-speckled topography and forested mountains around you and spend some quaint time in solace.

Distance : 258 km | Travel Duration : 4 hour | Average Day Trip Cost : €130

Top Things To Do In St. Moritz Switzerland

Milan to Switzerland Day Trip Tickets

• Day Trip to the Swiss Alps by Bernina Express from Milan

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milan to venice day trip

A mere 3 hours away from Milan, Venice is the perfect destination for a day trip from Milan if you’re looking to experience a more romantic, playful side of the European country. Experience the Floating City with a Gondola ride and a quick round of tours around St Mark's Square and you can tick this beautiful city off your bucket list too!

Distance : 270 km | Travel Duration : 3 hours | Average Day Trip Cost : €130

Top Things To Do In Venice

Milan to Venice Day Trip Tickets

• Venice Day Trip from Milan

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Ready To Go On A Day Trip From Milan?

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