Broadhurst Theatre Seating Chart | Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune Seating Guide

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  1. The Hook says:

    My daughter will be in NYC for one day to see Anastasia and she is wondering where she can check any purchases she’ll make before the show, as there won’t be time to shop afterwards.
    Any suggestions? I know the theater doesn’t have a coat check so what can my daughter do?

  2. Opie says:

    Why is the first row of the mezz best if you’re tall?

  3. Thea Albert says:

    Are the basement restrooms and mezz elevator accessible? Need to know for someone who depends on a walker.

  4. Nicole King says:

    Is there a coat check? We are coming straight off the train and will have small backpacks with us.

    1. Manisha Choudhari says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Unfortunately, no, Broadhurst Theatre does not have a coat check facility. Hope that helps.

  5. Jessica Huang says:

    Is center row D better than center row E for orchestra seats? Also is it hard to see if you’re a short person? do the heads block your view?

    1. Sachin Kumar says:

      Hey Jessica! The center seats of Row D and Row E are more or less the same – they are however some of the best seats in the house. So you can go for whichever is available, Row D if you want to be that much closer. And since the stage is elevated and the orchestra is on the ground level, your view won’t be blocked even if you have a significantly taller person seated in front of you, you should be fine.

  6. Laura Boyer says:

    Is the mezzanine level high and sloping as I am scared of heights and had to miss part of a show at the Novello in London for this reason? Thanks.

    1. Manisha Choudhari says:

      Hi Laura! While the mezzanine is slightly high, the slope is gentle. If you’re worried about the height, but still want a good view of the stage, we recommend that you get seats in the first three rows of the mezzanine.

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