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Your Guide to the Best Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals in UAE

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If you’ve always been mesmerized by Arabian Nights, then begin your next vacation with the ultimate Abu Dhabi Desert Safari and enjoy the luxurious setting of sun, sand, and serenity during your adventerous getaway. Whether you’d like a date under the moonlight or are seeking some frolic in the sands, you don’t have to go all the way to Dubai to experience the magic of the desert! If you're in Abu Dhabi, stay where you are and we'll help you find the best Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals that will transport you into a magical oasis and guarantee a wonderful experience!

A Typical Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Experience

abu dhabi desert safari

A typical Abu Dhabi desert safari comprises a host of enchanting activities - you could savor a delicious meal on the sand dunes, witness some fine belly dance performances, revel in the thrill of the buggy rides or just take in the moment to experience the magnanimous desert as you feel more alive than ever!

Adventure Sports Galore - Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Sandboarding

There’s no shortage of adventure sports during your Abu Dhabi Desert Safari experience. Whether it’s dune bashing in the middle of the desert, quad biking with your homies, or sand boarding among tall dunes, there’s plenty of activities to choose from to keep the adrenaline running high. You can do them all, or you can do a few; either way an adventure sport is seeped in every vein of a desert experience. Check out our detailed guides on Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Sandboarding in UAE.

A Camel Safari Affair

For the quintessential Arabian experience , opt for a majestic camel ride and feel like a king as you enjoy the lazy trot and get a higher look at the shimmering environs. Besides a memorable ride, you’re sure to get great selfies! Check our detailed guides on Camel Riding in UAE.

An Arabic meal under the stars

Satiate your appetite and enjoy some of the finest dishes of Arabic cuisine crafted to your preferences, along with some steaming strong coffee - just like how the locals like it. With a starry sky, great company and good food - you’ll feel blessed and how!

An Eternal Sunset

As you watch the sun set into the horizon amid the golden sand and reddish skyline, a magical evening will unfold in front of your very eyes. Witnessing a sunset during your Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is a testament to the tranquility of the desert. We'd strongly suggest timing your desert safari experience in time for the sunset, it's worth all the effort!

A Night of Entertainment - Belly Dancing, Tanoura & the works

Stay the night in the desert, and it will be an affair to remember as the music and gyrations will keep you enraptured as you applaud the dancers whether it’s the Tanoura or belly dancing performance. Join them and show your moves too!

abu dhabi desert safari

How To Pick the Best Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals?

1. Always go for the Combos While there are a host of activities and deals to witness the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, it is best to opt for combo deals as they always give you more for less. Imagine participating in sandboarding, buggy rides, dune bashing, camel rides, henna painting, and barbecues, all of this with just one ticket!?. Combo deals are known to be cheaper and bundle a bunch of exciting things into one ticket, so keep your eyes out for the combos. Check out some exciting Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Combo Deals here.

2. Pick the Right Time of the Day: While one can choose from a variety of timings, it really depends on what you want to experience in the desert. Those who’re rooting for adventure sports will find that evenings and nights are the best time to experience some thrill. A tranquil morning awaits those who’d prefer to silently gaze at the desert and relish the solitude of the scene. If you’d want to experience both the frenzy and peace, then an overnight trip works best for you.

3. Budget to the T : While desert safaris are utterly luxurious, they can be slightly heavy on the pockets. If you plan in advance and buy tickets online, you’ll definitely avail some cashback offers that will lessen the cost. It’s also a great idea to opt for the combo desert safari experiences - a wholesome package that works for you.

4. Know the Offerings : Take some time off to understand all the offerings and inclusions each ticket avails and choose wisely! It’s completely okay if adventure isn’t your thing and you’d just like to revel in the peace of the desert - it’s a great experience either way! Our curation of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari deals have a bit of everything, so choose your pick and simply grab your tickets in advance for an epic experience.

Best Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals

Now that you know how to go about picking the right kind of Desert Safari experience, here is our curation of the 6 Best Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals that promise nothing less then the best! Be it an evening desert safari, a morning safari, an overnight desert adventure or a no-frills basic desert safari experience, we have it all neatly packaged to your taste. Simply pick the one that flutters your heart and headout with us!

Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner, Camel Ride & Sandboarding

Best desert safari dubai
Highlights of the Experience

• This package is the perfect combination of thrill and chill; start with a crazy dune bashing session in a 4X4 Land cruiser, and end with a sumptuous BBQ buffet under the night sky.
• You can also ride atop sand dunes as you go sandboarding. Don’t fret about falling as the sand will be a good cushion without curbing the fun!
• You can also visit a camel farm and watch the sunset while sitting upon a camelback.
• The evening also calls for an aromatic cup of Arabic coffee and dates while you’re treated to some splendid dance performance as you experience the Bedouin way of life, before the BBQ feast!

Starting Time - The safari begins at 3:30 PM every day.
Duration of Experience - 6 Hours

Ticket Inclusions

• Round-trip transport in 4X4 air-conditioned Land Cruiser (Sharing Basis)
• BBQ Dinner
• Arabic Tea, coffee and dates
• Water & Limited Soft Drinks at camp
• 4×4 dune bashing
• Camel riding & Sandboarding
• Henna tattoo
• Sheesha Smoking
• Belly Dance
• Arabic dress souvenir photo (on your own camera)

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Morning Desert Safari with Camel Ride and Sandboarding

Best desert safari dubai
Highlights of the Experience

• The morning desert safari allows you to experience the tranquility of the Abu Dhabi desert at a leisurely pace.
• You can add a streak of adventure by strapping yourself in a 4X4 Land cruiser and go dune bashing among the tall sand dunes of Abu Dhabi.
• Feel the exhilaration of sliding as you try your hand at sandboarding and glide down massive dunes of sand
• A visit to the Bedouin camel farm will acquaint you with different camel breeds and you’ll understand its importance in the Bedouin culture.

Starting Time - The excursion begins at about 7:30 AM
Duration of Experience - 4 Hours

Ticket Inclusions

• Hotel Transfers
• Clean and air-conditioned 4X4 Land Cruiser
• Professional licensed safari guide
• Dune bashing
• Visit to the camel farm
• Camel Ride
• Sandboarding
• Cold mineral water

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Overnight Desert Safari with Dinner Under the Stars

Best desert safari dubai
Highlights of the Experience

• The overnight desert safari with dinner under the stars is perfect for couples and families who want a break from their mundane city lives
• One can indulge in some nerve-wracking sand dune bashing among the tall dunes of Abu Dhabi dessert or try sandboarding in the rough.
• You can even wear the traditional nomadic outfits and enjoy a quirky photo session at the camp.
• Spend the night in a Bedouin tent and cherish the beautiful desert silence and feast on a magnificent spread of barbecue and soft drinks for dinner.
• An Arabian breakfast with strong coffee awaits you for breakfast as you culminate this excursion.

Starting time - It begins around 3:30 PM in the evening
Duration of Experience - The overall experience lasts for 19 hours

Ticket Inclusions

• Round-trip transport in 4X4 air-conditioned Land Cruiser (Sharing Basis)
• BBQ Dinner
• Breakfast
• Accommodation in Bedouin-style tents (beds, pillows and blankets)
• Arabic Tea, coffee and dates
• Water & Limited Soda at camp
• Dune bashing by 4X4 Land Cruiser
• Camel riding & Sand boarding
• Henna tattoo
• Sheesha Smoking
• Belly Dance
• Arabic dress souvenir photo (on your own camera)

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Sunset Camel Trek with Barbecue Dinner

Best desert safari dubai
Highlights of the Experience

• This package offers you a laidback trip to the desert with ample time on camelback.
• You’ll get to experience a blissful sunset while gazing at the fiery red sky as you meditate to the tunes of nature.
• The camel ride will leave you appreciating the camels and their importance for the Bedouin life
• After the peaceful camel ride, you’ll have the opportunity of experiencing Arabian hospitality as the evening heralds an exciting flurry of events - photography with the Arabic props and a falcon, Henna painting, or witnessing some fine Tanoura / belly dance performance as you lounge with your shisha.
• End the evening with an incredible barbecue feast and revel in the festive atmosphere.

Starting time - The tour starts at 3:30 PM in the evening
Duration of Experience - The tour lasts for approximately 6 hours

Ticket Inclusions

• Round-trip transport in 4X4 air-conditioned Land Cruiser
• BBQ Dinner
• Arabic Tea, coffee and dates
• Water & Limited Soft Drinks at camp
• 50-minute camel ride
• Henna tattoo
• Sheesha smoking
• Belly dance and tanoura shows
• Arabic dress souvenir photo (on your own camera)

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Sunrise Morning Desert Safari

Best desert safari dubai
Highlights of the Experience

• Start your day with a breathtaking sunrise and watch the sand glow golden as the sun ascends the sky.
• The Sunrise Morning Desert Safari offers an interesting peek into the Emirati way of life.
• After the rejuvenating sunrise, you can try your hands at some adventure sports and feel the pulse of exhilaration. Nothing equals the adrenaline rush of sand bashing among Abu Dhabi’s tall sand dunes and is a must-try activity.
• You can also opt for a camel ride if adventure isn’t your cup of tea.
• Polish your appetite with an amazing Arabian breakfast before you set off to relax and relive the morning.

Starting time - This tour begins at 5:00 AM
Duration of Experience - The tour lasts for 4 hours

Ticket Inclusions

• Hotel transfers
• Dune Bashing
• Refreshments
• 30-minute quad biking experience (Optional)

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Liwa Desert Safari

Best desert safari dubai
Highlights of the Experience

• Enjoy a visit to the famed Liwa oasis and explore the settlement of the Bani Yas Tribe, who were the early inhabitants and rulers of the land.
• The Liwa Desert Safari gives you the opportunity to experience the Bedouin style of living, resplendent with sand dunes, freshwater pools, and palm groves.
• You can smoke some shisha and watch the day unfold or get henna tattoos by the experts as you enjoy some amazing meals crafted by the Arabs.
• For a dash of adventure, you can always try dune bashing in the 4X4 Land cruiser or opt for the quad biking among the tall sand dunes and go hoarse will all the yelling.

Starting time - 8:30 daily
Duration of Experience - The tour lasts for 10 hours

Ticket Inclusions

• Round-trip transport in 4X4 air-conditioned Land Cruiser (Sharing Basis) • Liwa desert experience
• Lunch in the middle of the desert
• 4×4 dune bashing

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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tips & Hacks

abu dhabi desert safari

1. Plan your outfits: Remember that heat only lasts as long as the sun is up and since deserts can get really cold at nights, it’d be ideal if you had some jackets and shawls to keep you warm.

2. Be willing to adjust: Since the desert safaris have a mixed bunch of people all eager to experience the best of the desert, it can get a little chaotic around meal times, but be patient, and don’t lose sight of your tour guide!

3. Keep Cash Handy: While your safari ride and adventure money would be paid for, a little extra cash won’t hurt if you’d like to shop for some souvenirs in the desert camp.

4. Sunscreen is an absolute must: Always lather some sunscreen on your arms and face and keep sunglasses handy - the heat can be harsh for some!

5. Open shoes for the win: Wear flip-flops or open shoes to the desert safaris - these are easy to manage despite all the sand that gets inside your footwear.

6. Caution during adventure sports: Be wary while engaging in adventure sports and pay attention to all the safety instructions - it wouldn’t do to have even the slightest hiccup on a fun trip!

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