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Opened in 1907, the Belasco Theatre has put on some spectacular shows like Hamlet, A Doll’s House, Kathy Griffin, Farinelli and the King, and Gettin' The Band Back Together.

The theatre is now host to Network, starring Bryan Cranston. The story follows Howard Beale, a news anchor who is frustrated about not being able to pull off decent TV ratings. In an attempt to draw audience attention, he resorts to making revelation after revelation which quickly turns him into a television sensation. Employing spectacular stage devices to engage audiences, 'Network' is a stage adaptation of the 1976 Sidney Lumet film of the same name. Blurring the lines of reality and fiction, 'Network' moves at a brisk pace, keeping the audience on their toes at all times.

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Previews began on November 10, 2018, at the Belasco Theatre. If you’re planning on watching the show, our Belasco theatre seating chart is exactly what you need to take a look at.

Navigating The Belasco Theatre Seating Chart

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Belasco Theatre Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Center Mezzanine - Any seats in Row C to F. Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row F to O. Great view of the stage wi`htout paying a hefty price. These seats are also the most popular and tend to sell out soon.
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row D to K. Rows A, B and C are too close to the stage and you may miss out on a few acts that happen at the sides.
Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row D to K. Center Mezzanine - Rows A to Row D.
Best Legroom
Row A & N in Orchestra, Row A & K(few seats) in Mezzanine and Row A in the Balcony.

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Belasco Theatre Orchestra

The orchestra section of Belasco Theatre has 505 seats in total, making it the biggest seating section in the theatre.

With 18 rows from BB to Q, the orchestra section is segregated into three subsections, left orchestra, right orchestra, and center orchestra. The left orchestra seats are odd numbered, falling between 1-27, the center orchestra seats are subsequently numbered from 101 to 114, the right orchestra seats are even numbered in the range of 2-28.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Orchestra section in the Belasco Theatre.

Belasco Theatre Front Mezzanine

The second section in the Belasco Theatre is the front mezzanine with 285 seats, which are spread over 8 rows, from row A to row H. The Dress Circle is further divided into three longitudinal sections - center, left and right mezzanine.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Mezzanine section in the Belasco Theatre.

Belasco Theatre Balcony

The Balcony is the second elevated section of the Belasco Theatre. Spread over 6 rows, from row A to row F, the balcony is the smallest section in the theater with a capacity of 201 seats. The Balcony is also divided into three longitudinal sections, left, right and center balcony, with each subsection having a different seats count.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Balcony section in the Belasco Theatre.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

The best seats in Belasco Theater are the middle seats (105-110) of the front couple of rows (A-C). Within this premium section, row B, which is the fourth row from the stage, is at the perfect distance from the stage, not too close and not too far. Understandably, the ticket prices for these seats are also among the highest in the theater.

Second in line are the aisle seats of the orchestra section (rows B to K), followed by front mezzanine rows A to E. The middle seats in these rows also offer a great aerial view of the stage without any obstructions and are priced similarly, if not lower, to the premium orchestra seats.

Which seats/section offer the best value for money?

Generally, the middle rows of the middle orchestra section of any theatre offer great value for money. That’s is the case with Belasco Theatre as well and you can find relatively cheaper tickets for Network Broadway in rows G to P.

The middle mezzanine seats (rows F to H) are quite decent too and offer a good look at the theatre without costing a bomb .

How Far In Advance Should You Book Network Broadway Tickets?

Network is a play that primarily revolves around news anchor Howard Beale (Cranston), who is fed up of the consistently poor TV ratings for his show. He is told that he will be fired soon if he doesn't do something about it. Going on to proclaim that he will commit suicide on live television in order to boost viewership and ratings, he ends up ranting about life in general. The audience quickly buy into his ramblings and he ends up becoming a show-stopper. Following an immersive-play technique, the show breaks the fourth wall between audience and performers. Directed by Ivo Van Hove, the show features set and lighting design by Jan Versweyveld, costume design by An D'Huys, and music by Eric Sleichim.

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What Are The Best Options For Network Broadway Tickets?

You can go to the Belasco Theatre box-office directly and physically collect your tickets.

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How To Get To The Belasco Theatre?

The Belasco Theatre is located on 111 West 44th Street. You can find ample parking spots on 46th and 47th Streets between Broadway & 8th Avenue. There’s also additional parking available on 8th Avenue between 46th & 47th Street.

You can also take the subway, the bus or your own vehicle. The subway trains available are the 1, 9, C or E train to 50th Street or the N or R train to 49th Street. Some of the buses plying to theatre district are M104, M42, M6, M10, and M27/50.

What Are The Best Restaurants Near Belasco Theatre?

Here are some of the best places to eat around Belasco Theatre:

1. Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant: A wood-paneled Irish pub, Connolly’s is your go to place for pub food and a beer in New York.

2. DB Bistro Moderne: Located in Theater District, Daniel Boulud’s Moderne serves modern French bistro cuisine with a touch of America.

3. Carmine's: One of the most popular restaurants on Broadway, Carmine’s is your answer to home-style Italian food in New York.

4. The Lamb's Club: This art-deco style restaurant, located in 132 West 44th Street, serves some of the best cocktails and steaks in New York.

5. Sardi’s: This iconic, continental diner is lined with caricatures of showbiz celebrities making it a hit with locals and tourists alike.

If you're looking for more options, how about checking out our in-depth guide on restaurants in the Theater District. It has everything you're looking for. And more.

What do you need to know before you go to the Belasco Theatre?

  • Seating is accessible to all parts of the Orchestra without steps. There are no steps to the designated wheelchair seating location.
  • The mezzanine section is located on the 2nd level, up 1 flight of stairs. Once on the Mezzanine level, there are approximately 2 steps up/down per row. Entrance to Mezzanine is behind row H.
  • The use of cameras, recording devices, cell phones, beepers, and other electronic devices during the performance is prohibited.
  • The extreme corner seats of rows B to D have an obstructed view on both sides of the orchestra, as do the corner seats of rows A to F in the balcony section. Avoid if possible.
  • There are no elevators or escalators available in the Belasco Theatre. Avoid the mezzanine and balcony section if you have leg pain or chronic leg issues.

30-Second Takeaway: Belasco Theatre

  • The Belasco Theatre has seen some prominent productions like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, A Doll’s House, and The Glass Menagerie, among others.
  • With a seating capacity of 1016, spread across the orchestra, mezzanine, and standing row, the Belasco is a relatively smaller theater.
  • The orchestra section has 505 seats in total, with seats between row B to F offering the best view of the stage.
  • The elevated, front mezzanine is relatively smaller, with a seat count of 289. In this section, the best seats fall in the center of the first five rows (A-E).
  • The balcony offers an average viewing experience but the ticket prices make up for that. Rows A to D, center seats are the best in this section.
  • Avoid the extreme corner seats of all sections since the view offered is not that great and in some cases blocked.
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